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PDF Format and Popular Alternatives

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The internet makes it easy to share the written word. You can send, share, and even print contracts, books, letters or thoughts, as well as poems and notes. It is easy because most people can view, edit, view, and even read the documents you send. There may be other complications, however, as there are so many types of documents.

It can be difficult to choose the right document format because there are so many options. You can find many free word processing programs that can be used to create documents. Even online services like Google Docs can open and edit various file types.

To create rich text with images, animations, graphs and other similar content, you need an app and file format that supports these features. You need to be able to recognize which app is best to convert an unknown document format. You may also want to share your document. You will need specific file formats for different purposes. This list will help you to find the right document type.

This article will give you an overview of the most commonly used document formats. This will make it easy to find the right format for your documents to be saved, sent, or converted.

popular document formats



Adobe created PDF files. They differ from the documents mentioned above in many aspects. In addition to text formatted in plain text, PDFs may also contain graphs, tables and 3D drawings. Sometimes they contain images and scanned pages, but not the underlying text file. You can also mix them.

Because they preserve the formatting of original files, PDF formats can be used for printing. The PDF format is similar to an image. It has a fixed layout that looks consistent no matter what program, software, or device it’s opened with. Many programs can open PDF files, in addition to Adobe Reader which is free. Mobile apps are available, as well as browsers that support opening PDF files. Many word processing programs can also export PDF files.

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They cannot be edited unless you use a program that allows for the modification of PDF files. You can also secure PDF files with a password, or even encryption.

It is a great file format for sharing, sending and exchanging documents because of its common distribution.


TXT documents are the most popular and compatible type of document. TXT files can be created using any word processing program, even some of the most popular. TXT files don’t contain any formatting, images, or other objects. These basic documents are designed to store text. They are ideal for data storage and quick and easy information exchange, especially across platforms.

These raw text files are compatible with almost all programs, including Microsoft Word, Pages for mac, LibreOffice LaTex and Notepad. TXT files are also editable. Popular online Notepad text editors are also available which stores your text securely.


Microsoft Word’s native format is one of the most common and popular document formats. Word documents can be saved in DOCX or DOCX, depending on which Microsoft Office version they are.

DOCX and DOCX files can include text and rich formatting, as well as images and tables. These file formats are ideal for various purposes that require flexibility in formatting. From invoices or contracts that have specific fields to essays and reports that contain graphs and tables to documents with tables and tables, DOCX and DOCX files are a great way for you to communicate your thoughts, present your findings and give information.

Both files can be edited by either the original author or the receiver. Depending on the version of the file, many programs can open DOCX and DOCX files. Some programs may display images or tables differently, and formatting may vary.

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ODT files can be used in the same way as DOCX and DOCX files. ODT files, unlike DOCX and DOCX, are not native to Microsoft Word. ODT files are distributed under an open standard license, and can be used with many open-source word processing programs such as OpenOffice and Libre Office.

ODT extensions allow documents to contain rich formatting, OLE objects and tables. They can also include graphs, tables, graphs, images, and graphs. These extensions are widely used by many people and can be used to create many different types of documents, such as contracts, essays and reports, letters and so on.

The original author can edit ODT files as well as the recipient members. This format can also be used with non-open source programs such as Microsoft Word, which allows them to be very flexible. If the document was not created by Microsoft Word, the formatting and overall display may be altered or modified.


RTF is the file extension used to create Rich Text Format documents. This file extension was also developed by Microsoft, but can be used with almost any word processing program such as Microsoft’s NotePad and OpenOffice Writer.

RTF files can include basic text formatting. The document cannot contain images, videos, or any other file. It can only contain text. The file can be used for any purpose that does not contain images, but only text, such as letters, contracts or invoices. RTF files, like all other document files, can be edited further.

This file format is compatible with nearly every word processing program. It is widely used on the internet and among users.

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HTM and HTML are commonly used to refer to web addresses. This format can be used to save documents. Word processing programs can save formatted text containing audio, images and other objects in the HTML/HTM format. These files can be opened using any web browser. They are treated as real websites and contain embedded media and outgoing hyperlinks.


PPT and PPTX, contrary to what the file types are called above, are presentation files instead of documents. These files are native to Microsoft PowerPoint and can contain images, text, graphs or animations. They can also include embedded videos and audio files. This file is used to create presentations between smaller and larger groups.

Other, open-source programs can also open slideshows created with PowerPoint. When PPT or PPTX files open in Libre Office, however, they can be modified to include animations and slide transitions.




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